Camp Half-Blood Info [MANDATORY]

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Camp Half-Blood Info [MANDATORY]

Post by XoraMoon on Fri Nov 06, 2015 4:25 pm

This is the Camp Half-Blood official RP forum! Our Camp Half-Blood will include...
  • The Cabins
    The Mess Hall
    The Forest
    The Climbing Wall
    The Pegasus Stables
    The Amphitheater
    The Big House
    The Forge
    The Strawberry Fields
    The Showers + Bathrooms
    The Arts and Crafts Center
    The Volleyball Court
    The Armory
    and The Arena

Our Cabin Counselors are... (By the way they are free to claim.)
Zeus = Leo
Hera = None
Poseidon = Sean
Hades = Dexter
Demeter = Rose
Ares = Cyrus
Apollo = Maya
Artemis = None
Hephaestus = Theo/Theodore
Aphrodite = Hannah
Hermes = Zachery
Dionysus = Willow
Iris = Violet
Hypnos = Kyra
Nemesis = Xavier
Nike = Beth
Hebe = Diana
Tyche = Liana
Hecate = Yin-Li

If you wish to claim one feel free to make up a description too.

Enjoy the RP!

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