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Character Approval Forum [IMPORTANT]

Post by XoraMoon on Fri Nov 06, 2015 9:07 pm

This is the CAF for the Camp Half-Blood RP. Please follow the template below to make/claim a character (Claim a character named as a counselor only. Do not use real characters such as Percy Jackson and Juniper.) I will tell you if it is approved when I check it.

Backstory: (Optional)
Family: (Optional. Should you have them either make them a character or let someone else do it unless they are not to be involved. For ex. a sister named Julia who is a half-blood must come as she is a) your sister and b) a half-blood. If she was mortal than she would not need to be a character.)

Example: (Yes this character is available.)

Name: Morgan Dean
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Cabin: Hephaestus
Weapon: Formerly : Crowbar Present : Axe
Description: Long blond hair with eyes as blue as the sky. She has tan skin and has quite some muscle. Her smile is kind and she usually wears a plaid red jacket with a black shirt underneath and dark jeans with brown boots.
Personality: She is a funny and kind girl that loves a good game. She uses her jokes to cheer up her friends in the darkest of times.
Backstory: Her father Hephaestus stayed with her mom until she was 4. Her mom didn't mind because she knew who her father was and he came to visit sometimes. One day a strange beast attacked the house when Morgan was 8. She used a crowbar to fend it off but her mother wasn't as lucky. She was upset for days and ran from city to city to avoid the orphanage.
Family: Sarah Dean (Mother : Deceased ) Hephaestus (Father : Alive ) No known siblings.

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